7 Chakra Beaded Bracelet with Black Lava Stones

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This rainbow beaded bracelet uses high quality black lava stones and features one bead for each of the seven main chakras:
Red - Root Chakra
Orange - Sacral Chakra
Yellow - Power Charkra
Green - Heart Chakra
Blue - Throat Chakra
Indigo - Third Eye Chakra
Violet - Crown Chakra
This piece of jewellery can be used as a great reminder to keep your spine straight so that your chakra alignment is optimised. This is because when your spine is straight:
  • Your breaths are deeper and fuller allowing more oxygen in which keeps your mind healthy. 
  • Your posture is strengthened creating a psychosomatic response opening your mind up to greater possibilities.
  • Your nervous system allows those millions of electrical impulses and blood supply to flow to your brain far more easily 
  • Enhances vitality and prevents fatigue in your muscles
  • The great posture looks more attractive making you feel more attractive
All these things invigorate your energy system having a direct impact on your chakras and vice versa.
  • Length (approx) 7.8 inches
  • Elastic joinery
  • Gemstone bead size (approx) 8mm
  • 8mm high quality lava stone
  • Seven rainbow coloured stones
  • Package includes 1 Piece