A lot of my excuses early on were about not getting it right. It was a mindset that said “If you’re not doing it right, don’t do it at all.” That meant I didn’t bother with even the simplest of things like composting in my backyard or not using plastic bags. I had this notion that I had to be all-in or nothing!

I’ve learnt now that it’s more important that I do what I can and not be overwhelmed by all the changes I could make in my life to create a greener home. I’ve started doing small things like reducing my plastic wrap usage, not having take-away coffees and packing water in my water bottle. Each week something new is added to my day-to-day processes that allows me to feel good about helping the planet.

Having said that, sometimes I fall back into old habits and I buy that bottled water or that long black in a takeaway cup. I feel down for a short while allowing the sadness to remind me that I enjoy planning my day for a healthier, greener environment. 

What small changes do you make to help you live a greener life?

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