Tarot Cards (Set of 48)

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These 48 beautifully designed tarot cards will help you to interpret what is and what is not working in your life.

Tarot cards, thought to be considered spiritual in nature, have recently become popular in spite of a decline in religious fervour. Some say it is because of their spiritual use and lack of links to a religion that interest in them has increased. It seems that more people are searching for ways to connect spiritually with themselves and they are finding a useful tool in tarot cards.

Tarot cards are a way of looking toward the future, analysing the current situation and reflecting on the history that brought you to this point. Each card has a unique image representing an archetype. By shuffling the cards and arranging them in your preferred pattern, you are able to gleen information from cards that you upturn.

This has considerable therapeutic value as you analyse each card and reflect on what it means in your life currently. It also is a wonderful tool that frees your subconscious mind to bring awareness to you of hidden issues that you did not want to address, particularly issues that need attention. In opening yourself up to seeing these areas, you allow yourself the opportunity to heal or transform parts of your life that have not been working well for you.